Talassa - Water treatment solutions for individuals and professionals

Water treatment solutions for individuals and professionals

Treating the water in one's home has become essential.

Whether it is a question of treating limescale, impurities or improving the quality of drinking water, there are many solutions available.

TALASSA offers its customers solutions for:

  • Controlling water quality in habitat, communities and industry
  • Protecting equipment from limescale

AN ENVIRONMENTAL OBJECTIVE TALASSA is committed to the ecological transition to combat global warming and the proliferation of waste through recyclable materials and innovative products to better protect the planet.
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Pure water

Know-how at the service of your company

For 15 years, TALASSA has been making a name for itself thanks to its experience on:

  • The design and manufacture of water treatment products (drilling, network, heating circuits and DHW) for domestic, tertiary and industrial applications.

  • They are marketed through a distribution network mainly made up of professional traders.

  • Commissioning, after-sales service and maintenance of installed equipment.

  • made in france
  • Les produits de traitement de l'eau TALASSA sont conformes à la réglementation sanitaire

Why choose us?

The softener: the solution against limescale

Talassa - SJK 5746

It is strongly recommended to protect your installations against limescale.
Analyze beforehand the hardness of your water, the TH rate will indicate if your water is calcareous. Above 15° TH a water is considered as hard, above 20° TH quite hard and above 25° TH very hard.

The harder the water, the harder it is. It is therefore important to know how to treat it in order to make the best choice.

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