The softener matching your needs

Do you know how much hard water can cost a family?

How much would this family save if they had a water softener?
How long would it take for the softener to be profitable?

TALASSA can answer these questions thanks to a calculating tool that enables you to find out your future savings thanks to a suitable water treatment at home.

Find out about the savings with softened water

Energy spendings

Per month:0 Spendings for hot water:0Hot water makes up 25 to 30% of total spendings. Spendings due to hard water:0Scaling consumes about 20% of hot water budget.

Expenditure related to degradation

Price of your plumbing equipment:0Divide per 10 the price of your house or flat.

Cost of the damage caused by hard water

In 10 years:0 In a year:0 In a month:0

Monthly spendings

0Reduced by 50%
0No more needed
0Divided by 50%
0Reducted by 50%
0Reduced by 50%
0No more needed
0Reduced by 50%
0No more needed
0Reduced by 50%

Total savings with a water softener

Regular spendings due to hard water:0 Spendings due to damage to your plumbing:0 Total of cleaning products used with hard water:0 Total monthly spendings without a water softener:0 Total monthly spendings with a water softener:0 Monthly cost:0 Annual cost:0