Why should you treat scale at home?

Treating scale deposit is no longer an option but a necessity. Knowing the hardness of your water will enable you to choose the suitable softener.

Depending on your area,water can be more or less hard, and deposit can be important.

Here are four good reasons to treat scaling.

Le traitement du calcaire dans votre maison n’est plus une option mais une nécessité.

Protect your equipment

A water softener can protect your equipment and avoid scaling

  • immersion heater, solar heater, gaz heater, hot water boiler
  • domestic hot water system, hot water circulating pumps
  • hot water heating system, water pipelines
  • tap, mixer tap, shower head
  • Shower walls, flushes
  • electric appliances: washing machine, iron, coffee machine, kettle, air humidificator…
Talassa, a reference in water treatment

With Talassa, treat the limestone in your house

Preserve your water quality

A water softener will help you to preserve the bacteriological quality of the water you use.

Hard water can contribute to the development of legionella. These are bacteria responsible for a breathing disease called legionellosis.

They can often be found in the water systems, especially domestic hot water. If the bacteria can’t stick on the scale, the biofilm can’t hang and bacteria can’t develop.

A water softener helps you save energy

Save money

A water softener will make you save money.

  • Cleaning products and soaps
  • Energy savings
  • Middle term savings

Immediate savings on cleaning products and soaps

Thanks to softened water,you will use much less cleaning product :

  • washing powder
  • washing up liquid
  • shower gel
  • shampoos...

Energy savings

  • softened water heats faster.
  • you preserve the energy efficiency of your heating system
  • increasing drop of energy used in time: A consumption divided by two within 10 years
  • hot water tanks, floor heating pipes without any scale preserve their energy output ( since scale is a strong thermal insulator) and as a consequence you consume less oil or gaz, but you get the same heat.

Middle term savings

Softened water will extend your appliances ‘life cycle ( hot water boiler, hot water tank, coffee machine, kettle, pressure cookers…)

  • 1 liter of water (30. Th=120 mg of calcium for 1 ballon of 200 liters filled twice a day for a year=8,7 kg of scale)
  • 2 mn of scale on a resistance=a 10% loss of energy efficiency

Quantity of scale deposit

How can I know the quantity of scale deposit in my equipment?


Calculate the amount of limestone in your installation

0grams 0kg

In compliance with regulations

Un adoucisseur vous permet d’être en conformité.

A water softener allow you to be in compliance with regulations.

Hot water boilers and hot water tanks manufacturers impose some quality norms as part of their guarantee, such as a maximum rate of scale in the water.

Similarly, SPA balneotherapy manufacturers recommend soft water to avoid the obstruction of pipes and nozzles by scale.