Solutions for professio­nnals

We offer a large range of water treatment products for professionnals, as well as a suitable service matching their development.

Talassa, our solutions for professionals
For 15 years, TALASSA has made its mark thanks to its experience in the design, marketing and commissioning of water treatment solutions for professionals and private individuals.

A know how for your company

For 15 years,TALASSA has been renowned for:

  • the conception and manufacturing of water treatment products (drill water, network, heating systems and domestic hot water) for domestic, tertiary and industrial uses.
  • Its products commercialization with a network of professional dealers
  • Its commissioning, after sales service and maintenance

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A large range of products to meet your customers’ needs

Plombiers et professionnels dans la gestion des fluides, responsables de bâtiments dans l’hôtellerie-restauration, les collectivités, responsables de bureaux d’études... nous vous proposons une large gamme de produits pour satisfaire vos clients ou vos usagers.

Plumbers and professionals in fluid management, building managers in the hotel and catering industry, communities, heads of design offices... we offer a wide range of products to satisfy your customers or users.

  • Hard water treatment
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Disinfection of heating systems
  • Drill water treatment

Hard water treatment

Softeners,magnetic and electromagnetic antiscales, polyphosphates...

At the forefront of technology and design, Talassa launches its first connected water softener in 2018: the Be Soft.

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Drinking water treatment

Filtration, ultrafiltration and osmosis.

With its new brand, EMMO, Talassa is now a major player in drinking water treatment.

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Disinfection of heating systems

  • desilting
  • dosage water conditioning

Drill water treatment

  • filtration
  • ultraviolets
  • dosage
  • iron removal

Industrial softener
Take advantage of Talassa's national network of experts and have your filtration, softener or osmosis system serviced by an approved technical station.

A presence in the field for you

Our company expanded on the French water treatment market thanks to the trusting relationships with our customers.

Talassa provides training programmes about its products:

  • for sales people and distributors
  • for plumbers and instalators

TALASSA also provides a network of certified technical partners in France , dealing with the installation, after sales service and maintenance of its equipment.

TALASSA is committed to accompany the ecological transition by using as many recycling products as possible, as well as developing products encouraging to protect our planet.