Drinking water at home

Depending on the quality of the top water you get, treating water is either an obligation or a comfort.

In both cases, we encourage consumers to drink tap water so as to limit the purchase of plastic bottles, as they produce waste and damage our environment.

The right solution for every need

In France, public water is good; it sometimes needs to be improved by a filtration system. This can vary depending where you live.

A solution for every problem

  • Taste problems
  • Pollution problems
  • Health problems

Taste problems

You know that the water where you live is rather good but tastes bad (chlorine) and you’re afraid it may contain pesticides or herbicides?
Do you know that a basic coal fitter can make water purer?

Find out about EMMO filtration system

Pollution problems

You live in an area where there are pesticides problems (countryside) nitrate or chlorine, you can choose different solutions: purificator FT line, or osmosis.

Find out about our filtration systems

Health problems

You know that you live in a area where tap water is unfit for consumption or you want to use drill water.
A UV sterilization and an osmosis will be a solution.

In the latest case, you must have an analysis of water carried out by a certified laboratory to find out the right treatment.

We are at your disposal to provide you a full diagnosis and we will offer you the best solutions.

I’d like some information about the quality of my water.

Talassa strongly encourages the consumer to drink only tap water in order to limit waste from plastic bottles.
 For ecological reasons, but also for future generations, TALASSA takes a considerable interest in the quality of drinking water in France.

Improve the quality of your water

For ecological reasons, TALASSA is interested in the quality of drinking water in France.

This led us to create a company and a brand specially dedicated to drinking water, EMMO, for private use , catering professionnals, offices and communities.

We fight for the environment