Drinking water for companies and communities

The quality of drinking water is important at home but not as much at work…

Talassa - Solutions pour l'eau de boisson pour les secteurs de l'hôtellerie et de la restauration
In 2018, TALASSA creates its own brand, EMMO, dedicated to drinking water.

The state of the water network in france

Our water is quite good in France and you can get drinking water almost everywhere.

That’s the reason why we’re not used to treating ta water.

Yet, 50% of French people drink bottled water regularly.

We often go to work with a small plastic water bottle.

Discover the achievements of Talassa, your water treatment specialist.

Do you know?

  • Wellness at work
  • Producing your own water

Well being reduces stress and absenteeism

We often provide employees with a coffee machine. How about offering them a machine that would produce still or sparkling filtered water? Your teams will surely appreciate this ecological motivation, and they will no longer buy bottled water. Give them a lovely flask (free of Bisphenol) and here you go!

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Restaurants: producing your own water can be very profitable

No more storage problems, offer your customers water in a nice, capped carafe with your name on it, much cheaper and filtered. In addition, you will show an eco-responsible approach that will be appreciated by your regular customers.

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Talassa, a water treatment specialist in France, fights for the environment.

Fighting for the environment

Aware of the damage done by plastic waste, Talassa, water treatment specialist in France, wishes to get involved in this fight.

We offer a large range of products:

Our water treatment products are suitable for offices, catering and hotel professionals, local authorities, hospitals etc...

In 2018, TALASSA creates its own brand, EMMO, dedicated to drinking water.

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